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Tanzine Aura Quartz Ascension Star Chain Pendant

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Ascension Star

Abundance & Manifestation

When used correctly, this pendant can offer tremendous protection & connection to our Higher Self. The Ascension Star cut assists in bringing in the energy of the Divine and grounding it to our earthly experience. As our daily experiences are touched and guided by this Divine energy we raise our vibrational frequency and move closer into harmony with all of creation. The shape of this piece resembles a four-pointed star or cross. Ancient teachers have taught us that we too have the ability to ascend. Ascension today is not about leaving the body; it is about bringing Heaven into Earth. Another fine feature of this cut is the stimulation of alignment with the highest guidance that we are capable of receiving so that we may more fully participate in Earth’s “conscious evolution”. This aids in bringing in the energy of the Divine to assist us in more fully manifesting our higher self. 

This pendant features two main faces or sides; one pointed and one flat. The pointed face is generally referred to as the “male side” and the flat face is the “female side”. The male side transmits and projects light energy while the female side receives it. Wear this pendant next to your heart with the male side pointing out, away from your body for healing and protection. The female, receptive side of the crystal will pick up energy coming from the heart chakra, or thymus gland, and will transmute that energy into a very high-frequency vibration. The male side of the crystal will push and radiate that high-frequency energy in all directions around you, enveloping your auric field with cleansing, healing energy. This strengthens your aura and also helps to protect you from unwanted or intrusive energies of all kinds from your environment. Flip the pendant for a reversed effect. This will cause the female side, when facing outwards, to draw in energy from your environment - making it great for meditation and times of introspection. You can also use this pendant as a healing device by holding it in your hand and directing your energy to different places of the body you wish to heal.

Evolution Pendants, Crystal & Gemstone, Healing Jewelry, Voltlin
Evolution Pendants

Inspired by Sacred Geometry

This extraordinary pendant was designed to be an evolutionary tool for storing, amplifying, and transmitting subtle energies. Wearing stones that have been cut and faceted in accordance with the principles of sacred geometry can strengthen the aura and unlock the barrier to our Higher Mind which offers inner spiritual guidance to Unity Consciousness. The stone has been set within a sterling silver setting which allows it to breathe. We also provide an 18-inch sterling silver chain so that it will hang between the heart and the thymus where it will create the most beneficial resonance through the compassionate heart. The radiant design and energetic purpose of this necklace make it perfect for any outfit or situation.

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Customer Reviews
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    This necklace is absolutely stunning! I get compliments on it all the time. And the energy...is just lovely. Will most certainly be purchasing my future pieces from you!

    Tatia S.
    United States United States
    Beautifully powerful!!

    Beautifully powerful stone! Absolutely gorgeous powerhouse, I get tons of compliments on it

    Jodilyn T.
    US US
    Photos don't capture the magic.

    I tried. I could stare and get lost. A treasure. Not just a gorgeous crystal... there's so much more going on. Mysterious and deeply powerful. Much needed for my spiritual journey and healing. Thank you for the love and intention you pour into each and every pendant you offer to all of us. You are a beacon of positivity and light during dark times.

    Hayden B.
    United States
    Absolutely Beautiful

    Stunning craftsmanship surrounding a radiant stone! I’m absolutely in love with my tanzine earth heart pendant ❤️

    Lilianna H.
    United States
    Just what I needed

    I’m new to gemstone healing and aura cuts so I was thrilled to find this product and really feel my days and meditation practices are elevated the days. It might be psychosomatic but that still valid and i find value in that too! Well made and beautiful. Will shop again! Thank you!

    Jamie D.
    US US

    Thank you so much for your support Jamie! We're happy to know you love your new pendant. - Mitch :)

    I love buying from voltin!

    This is my third purchase from them (two for myself, one for my fiancée at the start of our relationship.) It definitely will not be my last purchase. The packaging the necklace arrived in was great, the wire frame is sturdy, and the stone itself has a beautiful deep blue/purple with light purple flashes. Absolutely obsessed.

    Octavio S.
    United States
    This piece is so beautiful in person.

    It’s everything I wanted and more. Also such fast delivery order. December 3rd got on December 5ths❤️❤️❤️

    Lucian C.
    United States

    This! This is beautiful! I have looked for a crystal like this and never felt just right until this one! Beautiful, on a durable and perfect length silver chain! I’m so thrilled! Love this seller! Fast shipping too! I highly recommend this site! I know I’ll be purchasing again!

    Cloe T.
    United States