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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Love Balance Compassion Tranquility Friendship Protection
"I am filled with loving compassion for myself and others."

A stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, Rose Quartz is the most important crystal for healing the heart and the heart chakra. It dissolves emotional wounds, fears, resentments and circulates Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. This beautiful stone promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. Romantic Rose Quartz attracts love or supports an existing partnership, restoring trust and harmony. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others. 

Rose Quartz is the finest emotional healer. Releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache by transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves us, it soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation. For those who have lost a loved one, it comforts your grief. Rose Quartz teaches how to love yourself unconditionally which encourages acceptance, invoking self-trust and self-worth. Excellent for trauma or crisis, Rose Quartz acts as a rescue remedy, providing reassurance and calming energy. Strengthening empathy, sensitivity and aiding the acceptance of necessary change, it is an excellent stone for a midlife crisis.

Chakra:  Heart
Zodiac:  Taurus, Libra
Planet:  Venus
Number:  7
Source:  South Africa, USA. Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, Germany
Hardness:  7 Mohs
System:  Trigonal Crystal System
Composition:  SiO- Silicon dioxide with impurities
Beneficial For:  Inducing Love; reducing tension; overcoming trauma; sexual imbalances; grief; addiction; overcoming rape; heart and circulatory system; chest; Lungs; kidneys; adrenals; vertigo; fertility; burns; blistering; Alzheimer's; Parkinson's; senile dementia

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