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Free Resizing & Lifetime Repairs

All Beaded Jewelry purchased from our website is covered by our Perfect Fit Promise and Lifetime Repairs!

Perfect Fit Promise

If you purchase any piece of Beaded Jewelry from www.VOLTLIN.com, we'll resize it for free anytime within 60 days of your purchase. We know that gifts don't always fit on arrival, so we're happy to resize it for you! If you need help measuring your wrist, HERE is a helpful guide on how to properly do so.

Includes: Free Resizes 
Note: The customer is responsible for shipping fees and this offer is only valid within 60 days of your purchase

Lifetime Repairs

If you purchase any piece of Beaded Jewelry from www.VOLTLIN.com, and it EVER breaks, we'll fix it, like new, for free! No hassle, no questions, no problem. 

Includes: Unlimited Free Lifetime Repairs 
Note: The customer is responsible for shipping fees

Start Your Resize / Repair

Option 1: Ship The Items Back Yourself 
You can purchase your own shipping label and return the item through your preferred courier. Please ship your Beaded Jewelry to our address provided HERE, and e-mail your tracking number to support@voltlin.com, so we can track your items.
Option 2: Purchase our Prepaid Shipping Label 
We also have a Prepaid Shipping Label available to purchase which will expedite the Resize/Repair process. After you purchase this listing, a member of our Support Staff will reach out to provide a Prepaid Shipping Label, so you can easily return your item to us. Once your servicing is completed, we'll mail your item back to you. It's that easy...

If you have any questions or need additional help, please Contact Us.