Evolution Pendants

This unique collection of jewelry is inspired by the principles of sacred geometry. These pendants are designed to be an evolutionary tool for storing, amplifying, and transmitting subtle energies. Wearing stones which have been cut and faceted in accordance to the principles of sacred geometry can strengthen the aura and unlock the barrier to our Higher Mind which offers inner spiritual guidance to Unity Consciousness.

The exclusive cuts featured in the collection greatly enhance the inherent beneficial energies of our crystal. Science has documented that energy spirals through crystals and is amplified every time it "hits" a facet. The more facets a crystal has the more powerful its energy. Additionally, the geometries of the facets affect the way in which the energy moves.

The famous IBM scientist Marcel Vogel designed the Star of David pendant as a healing tool and protective shield for Lightworkers. After a very successful career, Vogel left IBM to continue his research on the use of quartz crystals and their ability to heal people. His studies led him to the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal. He suggested that the key to understanding ancient knowledge lays in the connection between the vibrations sent out by the human mind and the perfect inner structure of crystals. 

“Certain geometries will produce an effect upon human consciousness. You might call this archetypal, I call it the undying structure of the universe - the structure that supports all life. It is called the Language of Light.” - Luma

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Angelic Star (Access The Angels)
Ascension Star (Abundance & Manifestation)
Earth Hearth (Earth Temple)
Flower of Life (Christ Consciousness)
Infinite Eye (Infinite Flow & Intuition
Magician Stone (Centering & Co-Creating)
Radiant Heart (Unconditional Love)
Star of David (Balance & Protection)



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