Vision Gemstone Vial
Vision Gemstone Vial
Vision Gemstone Vial
Vision Gemstone Vial
Vision Gemstone Vial

Vision Gemstone Vial

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Shungite – Clear Quartz

Shungite – Clear Quartz

"In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama.

One of the very special Crystal Edition blends created by VitaJuwel features noble shungite and clear quartz. If you're looking to bring your visions to life, you need to be strong. Jet black shungite is truly a visionary stone. Like diamond, it is a form of elemental carbon. It is mined in the remote Russian region of Karelia, where Czar Peter already made use of Shungite's purifying properties. Discover water completely anew with this gem from another world and its fascinating crystal image, taken by the HadoLife lab. Share our vision to make gem-water an enlightening experience for everybody.

Traditional Naturopathic Uses: In the natural healing arts, this blend of noble shungite and clear quartz protects, calms, and boosts the immune system. It is also said to bring harmony to your nerves and alleviate pain.

Gemstone Vial

This wand is used to revitalize water; bringing the energy of these crystals to the water's matrix. You don't have to be an expert to see the remarkable difference! Water treated with a VitaJuwel gemstone wand for at least 7 minutes regains its original, true crystal contours. VitaJuwel vitalizes and elevates even tap water to the energy levels and structures of pure spring water with the additional imprints of the gem essences and energies contained within the wand. This Gemstone Vial is used with our Decanter, Pitcher or Grande Dispenser which is not included.

Product Details:
  • 1 - VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial (Decanter/Dispenser NOT Included)
  • Vial Size: 14 x 1 inches
  • Source: Manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps
  • 5% of proceeds benefit charity: water
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