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Kundalini Meditation Music

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Music from the Kundalini Tradition to Inspire Healing and Harmony in Your Life

Cultivate inner peace and outer harmony with the power of sacred sound. Kundalini Meditation Music offers seven uniquely focused chants, mantras, and gong tones selected for their beneficial effect on relationships, prosperity, health, and more. Infused with the pure energy and bliss of artists steeped in the Kundalini tradition, this album weaves heartfelt vocals with ancient and modern instrumentation to create a vibrational bridge that connects your deepest dreams and aspirations to reality. Whether you chant along or simply listen, Kundalini Meditation Music is an invitation to manifest your highest potential and inspire your spiritual evolution. Includes booklet with full lyrics and practice instructions to enrich your listening experience.


  1. Snatam Kaur - Ra Ma Da Sa
  2. Joseph Michael Levry - Prosper (Har Har Gobinday)
  3. Guru Ganesha -Mother (Ma)
  4. Nirinjan Kaur - Power of Prayer (So Purkh)
  5. Mirabai Ceiba - Miracle (Guru Ram Das)
  6. Harijiwan Khalsa - Universe (Universal Gong)
  7. Singh Kaur - Blessings
Product Details:
  • Includes: 1 CD (78 minutes)
  • Genre: New Age Music
  • Media Type: Compact Disk
  • Created By: Various Artists
  • 10% of proceeds benefit charity: water
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