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Sacral Chakra

The 2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra – Svadhishana – वँ

The 2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra – Svadhishana – वँ

The Sacral Chakra, or Svadhishana, translates to “the place of the self.” This is considered the second chakra, located in the pelvic area, between the hips. Its color correspondence is orange. The Sacral Chakra resonates with sexuality, passion, and creativity. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling emotionally rigid, apathetic, creatively stumped, or closed off to intimacy. And if you tend to be hypersexual or get emotionally attached easily, your Sacral Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the female reproductive system, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine.

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