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Crystal & Gemstone Pyramids

The pyramid has been a sacred shape for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt, where Egyptians believed it represented the descending rays of the sun or light which equates to knowledge. They believed pyramids were powerful for spiritual initiation and symbolized man’s inner quest to find harmony and unity within ourselves and the environment to which we aspire. The individual building blocks of the pyramid are lessons we have already successfully completed. As soon as the top of the pyramid has been built to the necessary height and the whole structure has been cleanly rendered to the highest potential, the respective person is then in perpetual harmony with himself and his environment.

Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Chakras. To gain insights about a particular blockage you can place a pyramid on the appropriate location of the physical body. For example, to understand the emotional roots of an illness you might place an aventurine pyramid on the heart area. Visualize awareness and healing flowing through the point of the pyramid and spreading throughout the heart chakra.

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